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Old news [About me 8)]

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Old news [About me 8)]

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:29 pm

I thought of creating a topic on mxit news which involves me, Rotfl .

09 Jan 2010
%$(r3@)v(:-O)BR@N])% starts texting one liners attempting to insult me, he claimed I had started this "war" or what ever he wants to call it earlier on today, Yet fails to state when and what i had stated .
5 minutes later he "Leaves", ( This is the part where he realises he was wrong and makes a run for it ) .

09 Jan 2010 (7:39PM)
I battled weak:-|boy, I dont know who this chap is yet he was very intellectual, although with all that which he had, I still made him crawl up in a corner and he typed '.exit' . I only saw him 10:53PM in another room, Although I had a different nick due to another battle .

09 Jan 2010 (8:03PM)
I entered ally of fire, around 7 minutes later two people were sending one liners to G$R@B(SCR3@MK!DHCDR , Who just changed his nick from scorp something, he ran, claimed dc, when he came back I joined in, and 3 persons stated we were gang banging him, yet at that time it was only me which was texting towards him, in an offensive manner .
He had gotten back up, and 2 side commentators, which I faced, and it ended up being 7 people at the end which ran, Some Hcdr just spectated not aiding scorp and the rest, the battle had ended 10:40PM.
What i also saw, 4 people commented aswell that when scorp sent his 'rap', it had been a paste, as it was completely random, as if it were a freestyle, and he failed to include any of his opponents names/nicks in it .
Others which ran were fartbubbles(hcdr) << What a nick eh, >>HUNTER<<HcDr, And a few others, the only one which was left, though this was a random so i left him there was :-e]A.T]O[R.I[:-e .( I was .ratted by psycho aswell ) , In a couple hours I might get banned .

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