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F.E.A.R Guild {Will it fall ?}

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F.E.A.R Guild {Will it fall ?}

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:25 pm

I've been in many guilds on golemizer and recently sent a request after being asked to join F.E.A.R, The last few guilds either went inactive and died or.. no that's about all that happened. Mozz doesn't seem too active either yet he's the guild leader, that's a bad start.

Besides for the obvious failure in leadership it's claimed no noobs/newbs have been recruited and they've stuck with that, the five members are elite as claimed the members will be, the question is, will it be a war guild, whether it will or not I'm working on an army once again after having sold all my golems, yes that makes me 'weak'.

The guild will probably go inactive, and I'll resign back into my one man guild.


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