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F.E.A.R Crew list + Rankings

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F.E.A.R Crew list + Rankings

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:34 pm

The current crew list, no ranks have been added yet, since Mozz hasn't been very active lately. The clan hasn't gotten beyond just recruitment.

  • Mozzarella Man
  • Hitman X
  • Kiyro
  • Shade of Shadows
  • KingSherwood

I suggest A leader, co-leader for when the leader isn't present, that is requires since as mentioned earlier Mozz is hardly online. War general, Expansion director followed by the normal members ?, all besides the expansion director seems pretty straightforward, the dude works with the guild money donated from members and helps expand and gain renown within the game by offering housing, help to members and new ones, as well as creating new cities and houses with signs, mentioning the guild tag. This helps since it gives the impression that the guild is everywhere.

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