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Another Battle

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Another Battle

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:32 pm

[explicit profanity, be warned]
Another battle ... In a private room, Which Psycho requested for:

(6:43:12 PM) fusionzone: [O]utl@w|$corp!o]RDK: now laaity jose,you indulge in inserity proclaiming sarcastic statements to prove what exactly?you act like a sublimentary retard trying to sit on his menopause,you apply stupidity to your exaggerating words with sarcastic statements,you apply retardation to no retaliation with no theographical essays worth countering,you text idiocy yet

(6:48:32 PM) fusionzone: [O]utl@w|$corp!o]RDK: you cant think insecliaticly.Pussyou rather a weak ou masturbating for an hour or two lmbo.now monotheopical Texts ,adhere you supply hlophical conjestions pointing out your scripts you layed out there,kid the terminology of scientific delusions show no plead towards your enourmosity.laaity,dont be a puss to be out-written laaity.you left with your psytophical autopsy to define as relieved to be poor in terms of necleriationity.

(6:56:03 PM) 0738373463: insecliaticly does not exist, you fail to spell the first attempt of intellectual word which comes to your mind, you must be a climacteric( going through male menopause ) as evidently you failed to insult me, and your mind seems to be on something els, you wanted to battle me yet you are aware that you are going to lose, and with a fake almost dying battery ?, you also lead a clan which half the members dont even know what the tag means ?, Dude you are pathetic, with your dictionary besides you, practicing grammatolatry as if your vocabulary needs to be enlarged, ofcourse it is evident your vocab capacity has reached its peak, yet displaying it with words which do not even exist ?rather desexualize your urges to claim victor against me and exit, or claim dc . You would serve a much higher purpose as a member of your clan, never mind leading it . The reason it will fall is due to your lack of mental awareness . You are not in present time and fail to grasp a lost battle . Dont further encourage your ego with false hope anal' pipe .

(7:15:33 PM) fusionzone: [O]utl@w|$corp!o]RDK has left the room

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