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Some battle I had, dont remember what its about

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Some battle I had, dont remember what its about

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:35 pm

[explicit profanity]
PART ONE :Fusion zone

(2:37:43 PM) 0738373463: Afternoon .

(2:38:26 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^ has entered the room

(2:39:22 PM) 0738373463: shitroy [] .

(2:39:51 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Shew..

(2:40:18 PM) fusionzone: -=%Sm@Rt!eZ8-oAbC%=-: Jose that you ... :{(G)

(2:41:36 PM) 0738373463: You entered the room for one soul purpose, to display what an illiterate tree worshipper you are, Shitdeployer .;-), And you are a mock up!, Delroy . Of germ cells, and chemical toxins .:z, Now type, leave or remain silent in a little box, your room . []

(2:41:44 PM) 0738373463: Yeah .

(2:41:49 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Lmbo.

(2:42:04 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: This laaitie gets offended by my presence eh.

(2:42:19 PM) fusionzone: -=%Sm@Rt!eZ8-oAbC%=-: Jose it's Sunday ... [Neutral]

(2:42:45 PM) fusionzone: MrS||Rogue|| slaps ])ac]N[0Ma]N[!a^])w

(2:42:49 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Lol. Let him rant and rave till his asshole' can't no more.

(2:42:50 PM) 0738373463: The instant you grow balls, would be the day you grow your first brain cell like a planted seed . []

(2:42:54 PM) fusionzone: MrS||Rogue||: Calm down eh.. [Neutral] ..

(2:43:00 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion has entered the room

(2:43:08 PM) 0738373463: Delroy is a coward . []

(2:43:15 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: But why they getting offended by my presence ? 8o

(2:43:27 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Lol. How ?

(2:43:31 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Did we ever battle ?

(2:43:43 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: You did attempt and failed though.

(2:43:46 PM) 0738373463: Hence: He never dares to text offensive words my direction, only when more then one person are "gang banging" me .

(2:43:48 PM) fusionzone: MrS||Rogue||: Jose and delroy? Enemies? [Neutral] .. Oh heavens, that wont do!

(2:44:02 PM) 0738373463: You answer your own question with a lie ws . []

(2:44:18 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: I am not in the mood to indulge in a virtual dispute. This probably my last day on MXit. :$

(2:45:09 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: If i am still on MXit by Thursday then you may be humiliated Jose.

(2:45:11 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: El

(2:45:17 PM) 0738373463: You accumilate claims out of conspiracys, which come out of fantasized dreams you have daily, Truth or fact . [] You can't deny reality . And the instance i start texting towards you, in your box . You attempt to justify yourself, by leaving mxit .:z

(2:45:17 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Honest to Satan.

(2:45:24 PM) 0738373463: Poor DOG .;-)

(2:45:38 PM) 0738373463: I understand your mental insecurity .;-)

(2:45:47 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Lmbo. I am your Mothers dog yes. :$

(2:45:52 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Puppy actually. :$

(2:46:20 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Dw shut up tsek:{ fake ###

(2:46:24 PM) 0738373463: You have no back bone on that ws . [] No truth in it . You will never humiliate a person in your virtual life . Nor will you ever leave mxit . It is as stated your life .

(2:46:43 PM) 0738373463: Side commentator, Like I give a shit what flirts think . []

(2:46:55 PM) 0738373463: Look how delory is going to grow a ball between his legs now .;-)

(2:46:54 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Jose wait laaitie, i seriously am leaving MXit eh. Personal reasons. So suck it up puss. Your fantasy about defeating me won't happen eh.

(2:47:26 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Dw your boring exse

(2:47:31 PM) fusionzone: -=%Sm@Rt!eZ8-oAbC%=-: Jose ... :e

(2:47:35 PM) 0738373463: Just because one little critter made an attempt to insult an impenetrable person . []

(2:47:34 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: What ? You want to lick it ?

(2:47:40 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: No homosexuals here Jose.

(2:47:54 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Later Jose.

(2:47:58 PM) 0738373463: Besides yourself ws [] .

(2:48:04 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Its name its jose and its a ### already el

(2:48:16 PM) 0738373463: Yes run along ws . []

(2:48:13 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: I'll eradicate your decomposed vagina from this chat room eh.

(2:48:27 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: I am leaving ?

(2:48:54 PM) 0738373463: Prove your claim Delroy, since planetteen you were never capable of offence, now suddenly you can eradicate your vagina' ?;-)Stupid kuntling .

(2:49:05 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose what sort of a name is that [Surprised] (

(2:49:07 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Lmbo. Why you chasing me away ?

(2:49:53 PM) 0738373463: I'm chasing you away ?;-), Another justifycation to your theory, of being capable of offensive text .

(2:50:28 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Lmbo. Your vagina. Open your eyes..

(2:50:42 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: What part of later can't you assimilate eh ? Lots of cunts' want to battle me nowadays. :$

(2:50:48 PM) fusionzone: MrS||Rogue|| has left the room

(2:50:58 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^ has left the room

(2:51:09 PM) 0738373463: Go ahead and eradicate me laaitie, you were never capable and never will be able to offend, and resorting to profanity as your offence just proves my point, your vocabulary is low enough for you to have to resort to flirt's methods in their attempts to offend, See how one side commentator leaves, you probably will run aswell . []

(2:51:14 PM) 0738373463: So predictable .

(2:51:27 PM) 0738373463: And this goes onto my website .:z

(2:51:28 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Delroy just blixem this jose fart el

(2:51:37 PM) fusionzone: ])ac]N[0Ma]N[!a^])w klaps fuuuuusion .. hmm that's got to hurt!

(2:51:52 PM) 0738373463: Delroy ran you anal' pipe . []

(2:52:21 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^ has entered the room

(2:52:34 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Disconnection.

(2:52:37 PM) 0738373463: The insignificant kuntling came back (G) .

(2:52:42 PM) 0738373463: and claims a dc .

(2:52:48 PM) 0738373463: Right after my paragraph ;-) .

(2:52:52 PM) 0738373463: Predictable eh .

(2:53:06 PM) fusionzone: Apocalypsee: R u guyz chinese

(2:53:37 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy has entered the room << Remember him from my previous battles >>

(2:53:46 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Lmbo. And if i'm so insignificant to you then why you typing so fast and wants to battle me eh ? Answer my question.

(2:53:47 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy has left the room << Remember him from my previous battles >>

(2:54:05 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Wait.

(2:54:15 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Be right back.

(2:54:16 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^ has left the room

(2:54:22 PM) 0738373463: Keep up delroy, your little tricks to avoid confrontation will not surpass any persons intelligence level, You are by far the worst lier on this application, and now as obvious as it is I predict an attempt from you to insult me with a small paragraph, which evidently I do not give a crap about .;-), you are small, tiny compared to my eye .

(2:54:30 PM) 0738373463: Runs again [Neutral] .

(2:54:30 PM) fusionzone: Apocalypsee has left the room

(2:55:24 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^ has entered the room

(2:55:41 PM) fusionzone: MX!t's8-)Mst;-)Envyd: Lol

(2:55:47 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Wb delroy bra

(2:56:09 PM) 0738373463: Look who is back 8o .

(2:56:16 PM) 0738373463: Ran right before my paragraph .

(2:56:24 PM) 0738373463: He went onto his copy paste phone ;-) .

(2:56:29 PM) 0738373463: Wants to paste me pre writes now 8o .

(2:56:31 PM) 0738373463: Watch 8o .

(2:56:35 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: You type pure sh!t just like your name aka dose lmfao

(2:57:19 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Your name is not jose but dose

(2:57:27 PM) 0738373463: dose ?

(2:57:42 PM) 0738373463: Your name is not vagina', yet clit' [] .

(2:57:55 PM) 0738373463: He goes silent, assuming delroy is male ofcourse . []

(2:58:03 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Yours doos lmfao

(2:58:18 PM) 0738373463: That would explain why he goes undercover and asks men for their numbers eh .;-)

(2:58:49 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Dw your ### man

(2:58:50 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: Eh. I got two messages left. Here's what i'll do since you so badly wants to battle me. Thursday afternoon, i can prove to you what i have claimed before. And no idiot. Lol. None of my phones got the copy paste function, unlike yours ? Anyway, i will be going now. Second last message. Don't see this as running and be an old bitch' to gossip behind my thumbs. I'll humiliate you Thursday if you so badly want it eh.

(2:58:56 PM) fusionzone: yuki.n/!|]$e: Oh gaad delroy is gay [:O]

(2:59:04 PM) 0738373463: I am expecting an essay, atleast a thousand characters .

(2:59:12 PM) 0738373463: Ofcourse delroy is gay 8| .

(2:59:32 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Just like you dw

(2:59:34 PM) 0738373463: He has jacob zuma's pictures stapled all over his little box .

(2:59:37 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy has entered the room << Remember him from my previous battles >>

(2:59:44 PM) 0738373463: No see, You wish I were gay ;-)


(2:59:56 PM) fusionzone: yuki.n/!|]$e: Jakob zuma

(3:00:05 PM) 0738373463: don't lie .Delroy [] , 2 messages left, Fake . Should I gift you ?

(3:00:09 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: How lame

(3:00:33 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: jose 8|

(3:00:39 PM) 0738373463: Even fusion says your paragraph was lame delroy, He is just not aware of it .;-)

(3:01:02 PM) 0738373463: Weak boy, Are you here to join in delroys side ?, Or did you come to get the address of my website where i pasted our battle ?

(3:01:08 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Tsek texting to you jose [Surprised] (

PART TWO:Fusion zone

(3:01:08 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Tsek texting to you jose [ [Surprised] ] (

(3:01:55 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^: You type about assumptions, yet you type them like it's not prominent. I wish not to argue about you on how much messages i have left, everybody assumes you always lying. And no, i don't need your charity. Though if i was you, i'd get my pre writes in order eh. Arrivederci. [ [Wink] ]

(3:02:05 PM) 0738373463: Wait delroy [ [] ] .

(3:02:10 PM) 0738373463: Let me counter that .

(3:02:24 PM) 0738373463: Wonderful name that, Chelsea (G)8o .

(3:02:57 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose a ### for real

(3:03:32 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: 8|

(3:03:32 PM) fusionzone: yuki.n/!|]$e: Thanx i guess

(3:04:39 PM) 0738373463: Typing ..:z

(3:04:46 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Weak have you seen this ou battle lmfao

(3:05:02 PM) fusionzone: ^])3L]2OY];-)[`$L])^ has left the room

(3:05:08 PM) fusionzone: [oxy]sevenplay [ [Surprised] ] (: Hiiii . . .

(3:05:14 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: jose are you alw surpassing the culmination of delusionality with your vertex stupidity hmmm [ [] ] what battle which is paste where :? .. On a your mentally erupted website hmmm :? Unfortunately you seen a bit over influence by confidence :? ... Don't try to underestimate me lore

(3:05:17 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: jose

(3:05:50 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: seem *

(3:06:02 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: brb eating quick

(3:06:09 PM) 0738373463: Did I not state I was going to gift you delroy ? [ [] ] Now you want to run, Coward . Rather go ahead and leave before you further the humiliation you brought upon yourself, See you get gutts when you are the side commentator of a battle, yet when you are alone you are weak, and ofcourse there is no difference from when you side comment and battle, your essays are half the size of a normal battlers paragraph . And you fail to insult in any part of that "essay", and then the side commentator of the current "battle", fuuuusion, which claims i am 'weak' , yet when we get to weak boy he is the one which lost last night, and i added the battle onto my website which he cannot deny, and now he will probably tend to battling me and get his arsehole belted once again, and then tis will go onto my website, again . for all the spectators to watch how i belt him .

(3:06:19 PM) 0738373463: Another claim, See how they line up one by one ..

(3:06:20 PM) fusionzone: yuki.n/!|]$e: Mxit can be so decieving

(3:06:40 PM) 0738373463: Go to the website and read the battle weak boy [ [] ] .

(3:06:57 PM) 0738373463: And ofcourse you cannot forget last night when you lost against me ;-) .

(3:07:02 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: We didn't battle jose [ [] ] ...

(3:07:30 PM) 0738373463: My nick was weakest:-|Boy_])w laaitie ;-) .

(3:07:30 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose go and play with your nuts

(3:07:34 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: Lost against you or your stupidity that was the exceptionality of your presence hmmm

(3:07:56 PM) 0738373463: fuuusion, I wish I could tell you the same, the problem lies between your legs though, You lack nuts .8o

(3:08:23 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: i know jose [ [] ] but fact remain we didn't battle [ [] ] do you comprehend the differentiation of a battle and pointless dispute which only hold your interest [ [] ]

(3:09:36 PM) 0738373463: Weak boy, now see acting 'intelligent' now will not prove anything, you still lost and the file is on the website, how can you deny it ? [ [] ] , and all the ### you smiles in your paragraph evidently proves you are 'upset' for losing against me, undefeated .;-), I might still not be the greatest, yet im sure as hell i can defeat you twice in 24 hours ;-), even more if you wish to come back ..

(3:10:20 PM) 0738373463: Yet in the pointless 'despute' you stated it was a battle, it is all on the website ;-) .

(3:10:20 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: 8o ...

(3:10:56 PM) 0738373463: Weakboy, Do you want a rematch, or are you going to refrain texual intercourse with me ? [ [] ]

(3:11:04 PM) 0738373463: Now do keep up [ [] ] .

(3:11:28 PM) 0738373463: As of this morning my moola just keeps flowing up .

(3:11:26 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose i belted you today lmfao b!tch

(3:11:40 PM) 0738373463: Rotfl, Fuuuusion . When ?(G)

(3:11:57 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: This morning jose

(3:12:06 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Your to slow

(3:12:17 PM) fusionzone: -=%Sm@Rt!eZ8-oAbC%=-: Don't lie ... 8o

(3:12:20 PM) 0738373463: I already sent half of the text from when i entered till when delroy left, onto my site, I am waiting for you to leave till i put everything up [ [] ] .

(3:12:22 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Lied about being rated

(3:12:32 PM) 0738373463: lied about being rated ?

(3:12:51 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: I typed 5 essays and u 1

(3:12:51 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: Jose how dare you indulge in fallacies which keep your brain generating 8o ... Yet everything you're flaunting consist of impertinence 8o ... It'll lead you into the dark abyss where your mental capacity resides 8o ... Rather cease the act of futile reprisal in order to preclude me from your devastating ignorance jose .. You seem to undermine me 8o ... We'll encounter the true being of my virtual trait when you have capabilities to provoke me 8o ...

(3:13:10 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Yes jose in ally dkm today

(3:13:18 PM) 0738373463: fuuuusion, are you the guy that .ratted me in DM this morning, you and your homosexual buddy ran from me ?(G), when i typed more essays then the cells in your sperm, and you typed something like six ?(G)

(3:13:50 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Nhe u fool superhuman duh

(3:14:05 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: jose .. Rematch of idiocy which you possess the superlative degree hmmm jose

(3:14:20 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: In ally of fire can you read or what?

(3:15:03 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Weak i belted jose hard

(3:15:37 PM) 0738373463: Ai weak boy, See you want to get belted again now .

(3:15:41 PM) 0738373463: Typing ..:z

(3:16:04 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Then he called me light lmfao

(3:17:39 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Then he called me light lmfao

(3:17:47 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose do you remember me now you fart

(3:18:19 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: outlaw (G) check this bud out .. Jose the highest intellectual retard 8o ...

(3:18:43 PM) fusionzone: [0]ut|@w|N(o)x:-x$LD: lol..(G) weak boy lmfao

(3:18:47 PM) 0738373463: I read half that paragraph which weak boy typed, and not one fraction of it was true, nor did it mean anything besides him being mirrored into fantasized theorys about the dark abyss, where his 'intelligence' lays, and the best part of this 'dispute' was that, delroy ran, weak boy came, are these two idiots the same person with two mxits ?, As they seem equally weak, and their intelligence rises nothing higher then the beginning of a ruler .Hence you only text when there is a side commentator, which ofcourse is only and will remain a side commentator having the weak offensive lines and repeative like those copy and pasters of rap, see the theory in this is when my opponent loses they come back, with another profile and tend to side comment, as fuuuusion is doing to get back for their previus defeat(s), a perfect example is phagan, he lost 19 times against me in one month, 12 hours after the 20th time he was defeated he left mxit, and god knows if he returned, but then back to present it is evident the above is true, He repeats himself . and now will switch from being a simple side commentator to homosexual weak boy's partner in 'crime' .;-)

(3:19:00 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: he said he's gonna belt me [ [] ] ...

(3:19:01 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Lag:{

(3:19:25 PM) 0738373463: Rotfl, Just as you stated and you failed last night 8o .

(3:19:32 PM) 0738373463: And failed again .

(3:19:50 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose i am not afraid of you

(3:20:10 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: [ [] ] .. Little relevance to my counter yet fails to consummate 8o ... Typing

(3:20:28 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Why did you cal me light when my nick was super human?

(3:20:37 PM) 0738373463: No one stated you should be afriad of any virtual person, I only point out the evident facts on mxit, and emphasize then into essays . [ [] ]

PART THREE:Fusion zone

(3:21:13 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose must i belt you?

(3:21:25 PM) 0738373463: Rotfl, fuuuusion, If you are the-light laaitie i battled last night, then I battled you last night, this morning as your other nick and now you are back with your side commentation again, claiming you can belt me .(G)

(3:21:38 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: I am not who you say i am retard

(3:21:50 PM) 0738373463: So basically, this is going to be the third time i defeat you, in 12 hours . [ [] ]

(3:21:58 PM) 0738373463: Don't claim now . [ [] ]

(3:22:05 PM) 0738373463: You just told me who you are, now you are denying ?

(3:22:10 PM) 0738373463: Dont contradict yourself .:z

(3:22:21 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Liar tsek

(3:22:29 PM) 0738373463: Weak boy is typing ..

(3:22:42 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: U never battle me last nyt

(3:23:18 PM) 0738373463: what ever floats your paper boat son ;-) .

(3:23:28 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Ok jose lets c what you have

(3:23:50 PM) 0738373463: 10 minutes later, Weak boy would have sent his 'paragraph', and it will be 200 characters .

(3:23:57 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Your a fuckin.g liar

(3:23:58 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: jose why you only contributing to the first part of my endeavour hmmm do you lack the faculty of retention hmmm 8o ... I'm certain that you're a incorrigible case which seek respiration throughout your ass 8o ... Jose you're more competent in receding to your fallacies which seems to portray in the mirro yet another depiction of retardation which you actually utilized to assail my logic 8o ... Rather refrain from interceding on behalf of your neglected brain functionality 8o ...you're ridiculously trying to propitiate me for mercy 8o ...i ain't contracted with a syndrome .. I entirely declining your allegations and dismissing everything you've established by laughing with contempt 8o ...Jose next try to embrace the wisdom you wish to possess

(3:24:05 PM) 0738373463: There we go 8o .

(3:24:12 PM) 0738373463: 900 characters I bet .

(3:24:22 PM) 0738373463: Reading, Fuuuusion why dont you start typing aswell ;-) ..

(3:25:07 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: You wil lose

(3:25:08 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: jose counter [ [] ]

(3:25:19 PM) 0738373463: Hence: reading .;-)

(3:26:35 PM) 0738373463: Wdf was that ?

(3:26:37 PM) 0738373463: Ai .

(3:26:39 PM) 0738373463: Typing .

(3:26:40 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: a hyperactive appearance doesn't imply substantial logic 8o ...

(3:27:28 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: I'll remain appease and passively engage my counterfit 8o ...

(3:28:45 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose When i start and hit,you would desperately need a bucket on your hips to ### through. .your assumptions will get your riddling into nothingness except a meaningless nature and your curcumcismed blob wich hits on crap everytime it tries to orietate but fails and come back fire making your mental state inconsequential lmfao and bottomless. .your text are null and void making intelligence in the state of vain you moronic deformed dellusional mallow headed donkey humping transversite. Your pathetical fallacy mindset is an abhor fundimental resemble your face to be as rough as a deformed rock:-(causing too much hypocritical actions:'(and lack genetic brain cells making your head swell up and climax with excrescence;-)your intellect needs to be amplituded with some logical sense you abornal sentiment.whilst your compulsive idiosyncrasy stil acts with chromo psychoneurotic circumstances making your presence a misery now show me the two line you were texting about now please belt me jose

(3:30:19 PM) fusionzone: [0]ut|@w|N(o)x:-x$LD: fusion who are u ?8o

(3:30:53 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi has entered the room <>

(3:31:25 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion: Jose While you are typing i just hope you make it fast like very fast please cause i dont have the whole day for your crap. . .you wana be treated like trash oooh i forgot you are a piece of a reject . . . . .exse this guy doesnt know who he is messing with . .not only am i going to expose you for having a brain disorder but also for being useless like a used condom lmfao you cake.make it quick i am waiting or are you trying to tel me A snail is faster than you:-(please dont say that i will be very diSappointed. . . .waiting wait wait i am going to take a shower then a nap may b you wil be done ryt?make quick anc i must go maak gou man waiting jose come nw dnt be a old lady man nw show me u type some better i dont have much time jose and i hope this is also going to your site

(3:31:27 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi: i saw mephistopheles [ [Neutral] ]

(3:31:43 PM) fusionzone: [0]ut|@w|N(o)x:-x$LD: ### . . oh lord [ [] ] a Mod alert(i)

(3:32:07 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion has been banned by Neytiri(f)Na'vi from the MXit chat zones

(3:32:07 PM) fusionzone: fuuuuusion has left the room

(3:32:36 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi: meh

(3:32:39 PM) fusionzone: Glaya's:-$Baby: (G)

(3:32:40 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi:

(3:33:08 PM) fusionzone: Glaya's:-$Baby: talk bout bad timing(G)

(3:33:25 PM) fusionzone: [0]ut|@w|N(o)x:-x$LD: Neytiri u wasted no time el . .8o

(3:33:44 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: jose still typing

(3:33:55 PM) fusionzone: [0]ut|@w|N(o)x:-x$LD: yes bro ..

(3:34:45 PM) fusionzone: yuki.n/!|]$e: Lmao meh

(3:34:53 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy: gotta go :z

(3:34:57 PM) fusionzone: weak:-|boy has left the room

(3:39:29 PM) fusionzone: WICKERD_TwIZzLER has entered the room (MODERATOR)

(3:39:30 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi: Blade 8o

(3:39:41 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi: he's left dac

(3:40:33 PM) fusionzone: <^>BLADE*PHO3N!X<^>: Admin lady ............ (`8o`)

(3:40:34 PM) fusionzone: yuki.n/!|]$e: [ [Neutral] ] rude without consent

(3:40:41 PM) fusionzone: yuki.n/!|]$e has left the room

(3:40:58 PM) fusionzone: Weakest_Boy^])w has entered the room (<>My other profile>> [ [Wink] ]

(3:41:08 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi: rude with the king's consent?

(3:41:10 PM) fusionzone: Weakest\_Boy^])w: And you paste an essay from last night, I recall seeing the word 'c' in more sentences then anything, in your essay, only going from 'a' towards 'b' and then 'c' . And then this is suppose to be a challenge, I already knew how to counter that compination of utter crap and anus' gas, due to already having seen it less then 12 hours ago . And that was your attempt to insult me with intellect, which you simply lack, as those words were read from a dictionary 2 seconds apart from when you added them to that pre write, which at this state is ancient, and then so is my nick name, Dacnomania, Meaning the liking to kill . You are not near my skill . and a simple paragraph deminishes your 'balls', whether it is stupidity or simply your ego which drives you to be willing to be defeated, and humiliated is unknown, and ofcourse you will once again fail to counter me, as your skill is not adequate to offence, yet set to homosexuality, As using mxit pc I am able to read and type, therefore Il simply counter fuuuusion's essay which was sent yesterday aswell, On the website proven, and weak boys paragraph .The mere fact fusion tried to insult me with with a pre write aswell, would make it an evident theory these two mindless insignificant goatklings are the same person, the only problem with this is, they are not intelligent enough to battle me with tw profiles, and the fusion is attempting to seem fast, yet he uses mxit pc to send raps, cut and pastes, as see i am the fastest typer on mxit, and not even i could type a 1000 character essay in 4 seconds, which he did, for some reason him being fast, the quantity does not matter, the quality of the battle does, if a person such as these two, fail to offend, their essays are not considered essays, and then this is not considered a valid battle, they only justify themselves with defensive attempts, and here the idiots bear in mind i am typing, thus one gets himself banned, the other runs . Truely pathetic .and thus they themselves prove their own weakness in endurance, they cannot endure on a battle, my first essay seemingly causes them to run, and not only mine .

(3:41:13 PM) fusionzone: Weakest\_Boy^])w: There we go (G) .

(3:41:19 PM) 0738373463: I'm smart eh 8o

(3:41:20 PM) fusionzone: Neytiri(f)Na'vi: oh dear 8o

(3:41:22 PM) fusionzone: Weakest_Boy^])w has left the room

(3:41:54 PM) 0738373463: Wonder who was that 8o .

(3:42:01 PM) fusionzone: Glaya's:-$Baby: wtf(G)

(2:27:15 PM) 0738373463: Meet up .

(6:24:20 PM) thebattleground: [O]utl@w|$corp!o]RDK: Jose,let me decline your stupidity and entain upliftement in terms of strength adhere you have no constructability of any capability to have the ability to counter a single one-liner,kid you persuade lack of intensitivity for you have not contained intelligence.rapidly you are being made a cake Due to your weakness and explict menstruation.typing a simple sentence make you Any good ?no ### you established non-sense and no chance to retaliate to my essay.you devour in future Graphical xiesy.you sure enchanted idiocy as a supplementary use of no education.no infrastructure of words in your vocabulary book weaken your chance of feeling superior.laaity you just weaken your entity by radicating your idiocy over an application is pure naturism imbecile,hence you cant fall pregnant meaning you cant bust me as you have not the chance to.mind the intencity?releasing weakness and think you any good?what the hell kid,you a cake instead as you just proved it

(6:32:07 PM) thebattleground: [O]utl@w|$corp!o]RDK has left the room

(6:32:53 PM) 0738373463: You want to decline to what ?, the mere fact you attempt to battle me again, after a previous one you claimed you'd belt me, yet it ended up being your demise at that moment, this being the second time you claim your "almost" dead battery will be giving up on you soon .You also repeat yourself in that "essay", which had some what quantity yet failed to offend, Hence I am still typing, due to the fact that essay was pointless and merely proved that your vocabulary rely's upon a dictionary, Hence: capability, constructability, Contained . And how you typed that essay in half the time, yet four times the amount you typed last night, the mere fact a dictionary is used your side is evident you will not win, as the period it takes to read the definition and browse the words, you simply focused on making your essay longer assuming you created it right now, and not focusing on the main aspect, the purpose of an essay in a battle, which is offence, and your soon to come counter, assuming you will still be present, you will have to counter, and all I will get is defensive justifycations from you, the theory being you would last that long, last night you ran therefore it simply remains a theory .

Per most users, and the judge I won .
But wait, there's more ...
(6:42:17 PM) thebattleground: [O]utl@w|$corp!o]RDK: The equality of your identification explains the determology of your life.you have no responsibility to text correct conjestions To formulate little words together.The drastic heirophical essays elaborate on your weakness in terms of essay.you remain an idiot And have no distinctions in several quantities.you unable to concur sustainable essays.you relate to resemblance of retardation within retaliation.

(6:48:55 PM) 0738373463: See what I had meant ?, it took you your entire fake dc to type that, which is three times the period you took to "send" though evidently it was a paste, that previous essay of yours, and then you send me this two liner on my screen ?, Less then half your previous text, Pathetic . As you should recall I stated you had used a dictionary, and in your second essay you did not counter anything besides use words from the dictionary, Every is capable of seeing it, Though just to make it more evident, on a display "responsibility, relate, resemblance, retardation, retaliation", Correct, conjestions, determology, distinctions . And that filled a fraction of my essay just exposing all your usage of dictionary in alpha order words, Stupidity .And you still think you won ?, That is defined as your eye sight being visually impaired, or simply, you being blinded by your ego .
Total humiliation ....

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