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How to set up free internet on your PC/laptop

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How to set up free internet on your PC/laptop

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:51 pm

Free PC internet is available:
It depends on what you are searching for, and if you know how the internet works, and the reason being we cannot go onto the internet without airtime or databundles and so forth, The cause is your network providers firewall.
It is very possible to bypass it and browse/download and upload as much as you want without airtime/databundles.

I will add the method, which is rather complex soon, The reason being I am not adding it now is the fact if I do and it gets overused and the network providers find out the source, and how to stop it then I screwed myself.
Therefore once I do get the new method working for me, I will add the old still great method here, which will allow you to roam the internet at will for as long as your fingers allow you to type.
If you require it now send me a message by selecting my name, You will have to abide by keeping it private, and not distributing the method to anyone.

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