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Ruan gets a belting

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Ruan gets a belting

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:02 pm

Conversation with <]{rUaN]}> on 2/12/2010 11:18:27 AM:
(11:18:47 AM) 0738373463: Dc, Are you still typing :{ .
(11:20:27 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : Pending...
(11:20:31 AM) 0738373463: You're worse then your mother barking during sexual intercourse with your grandfather, I can get parental because my minds not limited to your little rules of battling(G), You use words bigger then your brain capacity to tolerate the concept and thus you start trying to excuse yourself when your ego is bruised and torn apart, being visually impaired fades away(i), And excuse after excuse(G), You even edited it(i), That's desperation, The last essay which was sent was mine, I waited 20 to thirty minutes, And suddenly you moved in time, Pfft, and it appeared before I said im going to sleep hence: Good night(G), Ofcourse anyone would become bored waiting for another person to type an essay and take around an hour, I lost interest, it was 2am, And your essays were ### boring:{, You sit with a dictionary beside you to increase the size of your counters, and theres no offence in it, only excuses assumptions and what ever the hell you could think about just to increase the quantity of the shit you typed .*
(11:20:51 AM) 0738373463: Dc;-), Now counter, Im giving you a chance to lose again .
(11:22:45 AM) 0738373463: :z
(11:22:50 AM) 0738373463: Come now laaitie (i) .
(11:23:19 AM) 0738373463: You claimed you beat me, now im giving you a chance to actually try, even though you will fight a losing battle ;-) .
(11:23:28 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I saved that essay..in going to counter it later on when im online again..i have stuff to do
(11:23:34 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : Im
(11:23:27 AM) 0738373463: Coward :{
(11:23:52 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : No not cowardice
(11:23:49 AM) 0738373463: You are going to counter it later because you want to study and make a pre write (i) .
(11:24:00 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I really have stuff to do
(11:24:03 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : Unlike you
(11:23:57 AM) 0738373463: What ever floats your paper boat (i) .
(11:24:08 AM) 0738373463: Another battle you lost, Poor thing (F) .
(11:24:43 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : Lol we will see if my essay is going to be a pre write
(11:24:47 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I cant copy paste
(11:24:55 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : So i wont be using a pre write
(11:24:58 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I will tell
(11:25:02 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : You tonight
(11:24:55 AM) 0738373463: No, see, you type a pre write, on paper (i), and then you will type it here .
(11:25:07 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : When i am going to start
(11:25:12 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : To type
(11:25:06 AM) 0738373463: Counter now .
(11:25:10 AM) 0738373463: Come laaitie .(i)
(11:25:47 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : So it seems you have experience in using pre writes..
(11:25:40 AM) 0738373463: I know your weak, by typing, theres doubt, by not typing, you simply remove all doubt and prove the point .(i)
(11:25:45 AM) 0738373463: Do I ?
(11:25:59 AM) 0738373463: And how do I have experience when my counters are actually "counters" .
(11:26:09 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I can only create a pre write if i save you counter and write it down right
(11:26:07 AM) 0738373463: Dont get excited now because I caught you out ;-) .
(11:26:21 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : So i have to be on mxit to do something like that
(11:26:22 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I wont be
(11:26:29 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : On until tonight
(11:26:38 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : So i cant use a pre write kid
(11:26:36 AM) 0738373463: Then how will you counter my essay ?, Ai, You contradict yourself son ;-)
(11:26:52 AM) 0738373463: There should be less people like you (i), Its like global warming, a hazard .
(11:28:01 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I will counter it whe i come on tonight obviously..step one..io to gallery..get saved file..read..and counter
(11:27:56 AM) 0738373463: So amny excuses (i) .
(11:28:03 AM) 0738373463: Are you that desperate not to counter me ?
(11:28:23 AM) 0738373463: That you have to start trying to justify why you are unable to counter now because you dont have a dictionary beside you ?
(11:28:47 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : I dont need to use pre writes..i am not that weak
(11:29:01 AM) 0738373463: Rotfl, "not that weak" .
(11:29:09 AM) 0738373463: Yet you are weak(G), thats the point .
(11:29:21 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : Lol no..i have a life..dont worry bru you will get your counter tonight..dont get your panties up in a bunch now
(11:29:32 AM) 0738373463: Counter now son (G), I know you cant yet atleast try (G) .
(11:29:46 AM) 0738373463: As then you will have the entire day to create a pre write(i) .
(11:29:55 AM) 0738373463: You could have countered :{ .
(11:30:06 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : Now i really have to go..check you tonight
(11:29:57 AM) 0738373463: Right now :{ .
(11:30:11 AM) 0738373463: All the time you have been complaining, what is your excuse to that you knob ?
(11:30:20 AM) 0738373463: Your ### hand was busy ?
(11:30:39 AM) <]{rUaN]}> : 8owe will see tonight
(11:30:40 AM) 0738373463: You dont have to go, you want to, You dont want to get bust (i) .
(11:30:42 AM) 0738373463: Rotfl .
(11:30:48 AM) 0738373463: And then he goes offline eh .

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