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Nipho [Excuses excuses]

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Nipho [Excuses excuses]

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:33 pm

(9:30:41 PM) ><Go])(Smile)[M]o])e><: Nipho, avoiding me wont get you far, infact you wouldnt end up retreating back to the 10inch hole you dug, and were capable of hiding in for the entirety of your life .You are out of my league, acting up like a big boy when your still in kinder garden is a brave futile attempt . Even though you are in zimbabwe and im in Jhb, the effect of me attacking you would be the same as a point blank gun shot into your face, which if that were true would fix your face more then it would be damaged . The stopcock between your lower body and your head acts like a plague of gelatine causing the large amount of water to flood your head, the reason you arent dehydrated already . When I leave your going to retrospect on what actually happened shooting more blanks then that 'point blank' attack on your face dude . You are inferior in every possible manner, attempting to get other people to attack me, using them as cover doesnt stop the penetration dude, it didnt stop the penetration into your mother between those two livestock that penetrated her .

(9:30:48 PM) #F665AB*/NHLAKA#ffff00NIPHO/*: Airtime running out[Image]

(9:31:19 PM) #F665AB*/NHLAKA#ffff00NIPHO/*: Lmao God type again laity[Image]

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