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Rap Night 1

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Rap Night 1

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:10 pm

[I removed all the un-needed comments]

(10:31:23 PM) thebattleground: +NaS+: y God gotta say i stole hs line? y wen i wz in jail dey let me do 85% of ma time? y God gotta lie in 85% of hs rymes? y i say da hardest ### n get h8ed da most, y niggaz cnt destroy me lyricaly like m a ghost?
(10:31:30 PM) devilzwrath: She works for the marmite factory .8-)

(10:38:48 PM) thebattleground: +NaS+: y da bible say its unclean 2 eat pork? y rap dwn here aint sell lyk it does in new york? n y they stop letin niggaz get degreez in jail, n y in ther they open ur package n read ur mail? y halle berry hve 2 hve a wyt man ### her 2 get n oscar? n y blck ppl gotta die b4 apartheid wz over? y?

(10:43:36 PM) thebattleground: +NaS+: y is jesus neva playd by blck actors? y niggaz gotta act dangerous like theyre venomous panthers? y subliminal gota klap nas? is he gettin hurt by ma stingin bars? y?

(10:50:17 PM) thebattleground: +NaS+: y is it m h8ed by sexc queen? is it cz i tel her u lieyin if she thnk she a sexc teen? y nas the best since birth? y he overseeing tha earth? y ma lines so sick n subliminal? is it cz m writin em outta tha hospital?

(10:50:24 PM) thebattleground: F!_a$)-(((m))|3aC)<: This Nas is Spitting wack lines, like a Fake Thief he's committing Fiction crimes.. He rapping about dimes, he isn't even worth a nursary rhyme. Let me Colour this Verse with my Sublime lines.. I'm thee Emperor, I can Roll you up and smoke you like a Cigar, Violent Joints be smoked and still not donkey Vulgar.. Got more Punches than Rocky.. I'm not Stoned but I am higher, more like Bibles in flames, my Verses are on Fire. . . This First holds more Holy ### than Jesus in the Toilet.. I'm not cooking lines I flap it.. Got More balls than fifa In the Summer.. So this aint no Ordinary Verse it's more Expensive than a Hummer.. To Continue busting Nas i'll Braai this laity's lines and have it for Supper.. This can get "Out of hand" but Like `taking his ### to head` i'll put it in his brains With a diaper.. This verse aint No ripper, but it Got More Kinky than a Stripper.. Say you're "Jail Bait" like `Selling your Butt in Prison`.. Can you back it Up when you have to Pick up Crimson? 8-)..

(10:50:53 PM) thebattleground: `$uBL!m!n@L`[(*)]@b(: Why you gotta be dumb?
Why you gotta be nas?
Why you gotta have no donkey ?
Why your idiosm gotta be see-thru like donkey ?
Why you acting like a vase?
Why's brain duct taped fast?
Why can't your functionality last?
Why'd your retardation come at a cost?

(10:52:28 PM) thebattleground: ]_3@N($)8-)^@B(^: My tongue's sharp and it wears shades, how can i recide on a mic, everytime i rap i spit razor blades and infect those close to me with double full blown aids. I'm that ### who will turn the earth into rubble and i'm destined to find that all spark, so don't apose me, cause you'll fly through the air, after i slap you with simmalies and verbs. Everytime i look at a page i watch it bleed words.

(10:58:05 PM) thebattleground: -=X[Sh[@]nE_G$r]X=-: I was like "shine" , she was like "sell-you-light" .. I was like "Shane", she was like I couldn't "SEE" myself with him like "NO SIGHT" .. The "sun" imprinted my flow, I got eskom bulbs, I'm "bright" .. Wink SPITS never DEHYDRATED, I got TSUNAMI FLOWS .. My attention would bring you DOWN like LOW BLOWS .. "Son", I'm your lyrical "father" your name be lame-O .. 8-) now don't be claiming lines ..because even if I gave you a "PENCIL" with a "RULER" and "BOXING GLOVES" you still couldn't "punchlines" , to "DRAW" the future within your "mines"(mind) like "digging" in for greatness, I'll "come early" like God's weak and win via quickness.. .. 8-) .. I tried

(11:03:09 PM) thebattleground: `$uBL!m!n@L`[(*)]@b(: Everytime i grab the mike i become hip-hop spritual. Like my verses are linked to biblical rituals. When i drop bars, kats become increasingly minimal. Bending down on there knee'z begging for miracles. I come thru dark like witch craft oracles. I got easy cold flow like calm flowing rivers, make u freeze up and leaves you with shiverz. I'm not a political person but my drop always deliverz. Like a ### in labour, i give birth to hip hop verses percieved as legend.

(11:22:53 PM) thebattleground: [S!L3NT(:-e)K!LL3R]: i wont budge eh:(Dont go emo on an application:P
(11:22:54 PM) thebattleground: F!_a$)-(((m))|3aC)<: Everytime you Grab the "Mike(Tyson)" you "Produce ###` like a `CRA.P BOXER`.. You aint got Dope Lines even if you had "Marijuana on texts" so that's Wacker.. You say it's Spiritual like you Got "Jesus backing you" but your `### aint Holy` it's The "Game called Circling" that's why you think this is ROLLY-POLLY. . Only time you'll Bend for miracles Is when you `ASCENDING` and tune, "live is full me OBSTACLES".. Cast "BENDed spells" and say "witch craft are Turning" this aint Cricket but i'm "Balling".. The ball is in "My Court" like a `Soccer Trail`, you can Try and `run me down` but with Confict Verse, your arse is still on Bail.. You say you got "cold flow" like "Freeze-style" your lyrics are Icy.. You not Lyrically Condiment but I possess the ones that's Spicy.. Put you with "no shoes" on an ICE RING just to show you got `Cold feet`.. In this Duel we're "Underground" that's why you Rap Through your "Rectum" no wonder you got "DEEP ###" digging your own Cra.p to find it "SIX-FEET".

(11:26:39 PM) devilzwrath: I got more punches then Angelo, who thinks he is rambo, gaze into the sky, but wont find a star like me, not even the suns reflection on water can shine as bright, not even the light in heaven can "Beat" me, I dont need god mode cause you wont lyrically "defeat" me.. your lines are only dope when you "repeat" me.. My lines are tighter then your fathers "vagina", he hasnt been laid after your birth in "China".. I might be skinny yet I can definitely throw my weight, you might be bill gates, but I can still bring you down. You send fake pics around, thats how you get your girls.. when I tell them how you look, the go 'sick' and hurl, this is not gym, I dont do gymnastics, but it doesnt take 'skill' to make this first kill, cause your like wheels to an engine.. I took your pinkslip, Like a sex slave you got 'Owned', Now I want my money back, gotta get stoned .

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Re: Rap Night 1

Post by Kenzo on Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:15 am

quit rap nas,you suck.

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