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Doug Gets a belting

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Doug Gets a belting

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:05 pm

(11:43:04 AM) fusionzone: Welcome to The Club, ])w#Atr0C!ty#R[@]o
To return to the main menu type .exit. For a list of commands type .help
(11:42:59 AM) 0728373463: hell Doug .
(11:43:34 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^>: Jose8o....
(11:44:03 AM) fusionzone: (c)nkululeko(c) has entered the room
(11:43:57 AM) 0728373463: Tell me kiddo, What caused you to get yourself murdered yesterday ?
(11:44:31 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^>: Lol where did you murder me?i got dc and could not return(i)...
(11:44:34 AM) 0728373463: Rotfl, Sure you did (F) .
(11:44:57 AM) 0728373463: And besides the fact that you ran, You got murdered (F) .
(11:45:07 AM) fusionzone: (c)nkululeko(c): .nickname
(11:45:08 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^>: Keep the flower(i)...
(11:45:34 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^>: Lol jose a girl belted you;)....
(11:45:39 AM) 0728373463: When did you belt me ?
(11:45:41 AM) 0728373463: Rotfl .
(11:46:03 AM) 0728373463: Excuses already Doggie (U), You poor thing .
(11:46:44 AM) fusionzone: (c)nkululeko(c): Guyz hw do u change nickname in d chatroom plz hlp
(11:46:52 AM) 0728373463: Type .nick (followed by a space and your new nick) 8o .
(11:47:25 AM) fusionzone: (c)nkululeko(c): K
(11:51:36 AM) fusionzone: (c)nkululeko(c): nick (H)N(H)K(H)U(H)L(H)U(H)
(11:51:38 AM) 0728373463: Shame, you are either masturbating again, or typing me an essay :z .
(11:51:57 AM) 0728373463: Nkulu, you had to type .nick (hence: the (dot) before (nick) .
(11:52:37 AM) fusionzone: FrAcTuReD:o(cRaN!uM has entered the room
(11:52:37 AM) fusionzone: (c)nkululeko(c): k
(11:52:51 AM) 0728373463: Come now dog dont get emotional so soon, We all watched how you ran, got belted, and started fingering the dictionary for new words (i), You got served on a wooden platter, nothing special, so dont chunk, Nobody noticed really as you always get burnt, your little essays here and now wont redeem yourself, remember that, right now ;-), You going into denial, its natural for you(F), Once day when I bruise your little ego again doggie You will probably realise it ;-), Till then sit back and play dead , your sad cries only dwindle yay far, and nobody besides that huge piece of cellulite is going to answer your call, she can protect you from a cannon, an AK47 even, Though mentally, she is the hazard, not the protection ;-) .
(11:52:58 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^>: Lmfbo why would i wanna text you an essay jose your a waste anyways(i)..
(11:53:07 AM) 0728373463: Rotfl .
(11:53:10 AM) fusionzone: >[N]aTivE`:-|`Vuyo< has entered the room
(11:53:12 AM) 0728373463: You get bust all the time Dog .(F)
(11:53:22 AM) fusionzone: FrAcTuReD:o(cRaN!uM: Doug Wink
(11:53:26 AM) fusionzone: >[N]aTivE`:-|`Vuyo<: Skater dude8o
(11:53:46 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^>: Trav;)....
(11:53:46 AM) fusionzone: FrAcTuReD:o(cRaN!uM: Vuyo (U)..
(11:53:48 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^>: Copy and paste jose(i)..
(11:54:01 AM) 0728373463: Pmpl, A copy and paste(G), you are so desperate that you start laying out excuses .
(11:54:56 AM) fusionzone: (c)nkululeko(c) has left the room
(11:55:16 AM) 0728373463: Always with excuses . Come now dog . Counter .
(11:56:54 AM) fusionzone: FrAcTuReD:o(cRaN!uM has left the room
(11:58:56 AM) fusionzone: You are rather quiet in this chat room...
(11:58:51 AM) 0728373463: Still typing ..
(11:59:14 AM) 0728373463: Come now doug, It does not take a half an hour to counter (F) .(11:59:34 AM) fusionzone: <^])(o)uG_8-)N(o)$^> has left the room
(11:59:30 AM) 0728373463: Ai .
(11:59:59 AM) fusionzone: >[N]aTivE`:-|`Vuyo< has left the room

You claimed I copy and pasted when you become desperate of having nothing left in you, your vocabulary is wasted, like your body a waste of a restaurant's left overs, They step on your ### and you open your lid, they load you in the truck and drop you off at the dump, step on your ### and that which does not increase the size of your cellulite gets releashed from your A N A L pipe(U), Thats your daily job, thats why these days they have factorys, and 5 start restaurants, The size of your lid just increases, in exchange of being majesty ices replacement, her job that is, you get paid airtime(G), And given a black and white resolution phone(F), And thus you came onto mxit to boast about other peoples lives, when you know nothing, I know everything about your life (i), I see it on tv once in a blue moon when you decide to get up and take a walk around the earth, people screaming alien infestation(G) .

Would have been funny eh .

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