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Soul ripper freestyles

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Soul ripper freestyles

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:52 pm

These freestyles were typed out in Valhalla moments ago.

He claims to have been typing them, although the period in which the first two came out is rather short.

SOUL[:-e]RIPPER: I icegrill the silhouettes,the common decency factors a lowball estimate of zero.Here to duck hunt ticker tape vision and pick apart the pixels.Wrote a poem for every planet,tracked their mileage from the sun in an envelope.Only earth can thank me later with a breath taking sunset.I split my lip kissing the winter nursed the blister in the sun,strung a hammock between spring and and where the willows turn to blood.Biting lip skin and bones,stringent bingin' on rancid baits mummified well inside a muddy.If I had a hammer,i'd build a city on stilts so my feet would stay dry when Zeus's wine donkey tilts.My carousel mimics the interests of a trillion leaking spikets and a colony of graziers raised to justify the grimace.Was it your remnance my smoke rings have cocooned prior to fading?:?Man,if only it were that simple.I would catch bullets in my molars,take flight of the world on my shoulders and satisfy my appetite to dine on lifeforms.8o

SOUL[:-e]RIPPER: Delicate freak show alert the frame.I bow to the mustered by the mecha-bot.Powed by the public,and ushered out the letterbox.Wowed by the punctured by the helicop.Corroded by the volts that jolt the cold vein.I was chewing my tongue one day when the blood in my beard hit the dirt by the blazers.With seven deadly stains,adhere the blame to crystal conscience.Plug deteriorating xenobit pendragon.I hock swords cores for the morbid spreading of mad men.Pacifism pagan thresh hold stomach full of halo kibbles,wings span cast black upon vigils.Headache,nausea,vomiting,facial paralysis.These are the few of my venomous side effects.Mamba,Water moc,Pit viper,Diamond back,Anaconda,Boom Slang,Cobra.Bite 'em all back.Spinal tap crabs to the clapper.Ripper is the Cadillac of natural disaster.

SOUL[:-e]RIPPER: Well I am hostage guiding yet pushed beneath the crazes climate,hidding behind the levy.Splashing my offspring graves prior to birth it's looking bleak,malarky farce sergeant crooked and sleek emerald eyes glow.I'm shook in a freak side show.Ok I strobe effects projective when I blink.Sip the ladle drank the burn begging for dead.Concerns off the zephyr tread and leg in a web,caught triple-six couriers beckon they fled..Ok ok I get it.:?All I need is the nourishment and the burn to ascend from a number to grave blade runner.Hunter,cleric,swordsman,king ag more like i'm walking with a broken mood ring.Mood swinging from a mezzanine level here to bevel the edge.My team's settled on the edge to pledge immortality.:{

[The third one was dropped seconds ago, he typed it out. The first two were simply drafts]

This guy doesn't know the meaning of rap [Rhythem_And_Poetry]
Although he has some mean metaphors.

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