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Carbon Nos vs The_Mentalist

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Re: Carbon Nos vs The_Mentalist

Post by Sirvoltaire on Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:07 pm

Eh no comment ya'll dope in two sections..

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Carbon Nos vs The_Mentalist

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:52 pm

(1:25:20 PM) Carbon nos: Hello 'mental'ist

(1:26:36 PM) The_Mentalist: Seems the wheel in your skull is spinning but the hamster's dead .
(1:26:45 PM) Carbon nos: Just kidding guys.. Relax:'(

(1:31:48 PM) The_Mentalist: Let's discuss her sex now shall we .8|

(1:31:51 PM) Carbon nos: Most people think i'ma dude because of my textual mannerisms don't worry

(1:32:04 PM) The_Mentalist: What is textual mannerisms ?

(1:32:07 PM) The_Mentalist: You mean ego ?

(1:32:11 PM) The_Mentalist: Egotism is the anaesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity .

(1:32:55 PM) Carbon nos: Textual mannerisms and ego are two different aspects. Thanks for the mini etymology but i can decipher by myself ok

(1:33:43 PM) Carbon nos: Lol Lol its God no wonder. He'll strike a brick wall for sexual stimulation

(1:33:50 PM) The_Mentalist: Are the two pages ripped out of your dictionary, Carbon ?

(1:35:39 PM) The_Mentalist: Carbon, are you going to answer my simple question that's making your all 9 brain cells work ?

(1:35:43 PM) Carbon nos: Dictionary again. God i thought you transcended whining after your several beltings eh? Note to yourself- when you are not intelligible or lucidity is holding you back- don't whine. Attempt to comprehend God. You are portraying the aftermath of period pains

(1:37:15 PM) Carbon nos: Nine ? Lol don't compare my iq to my nuerons and expect that measure will apply to everything. Why not stop being theoretical and brush me with some intellect this time?

(1:37:38 PM) The_Mentalist: Lmfbo .

(1:37:40 PM) The_Mentalist: Your iq .

(1:37:49 PM) Carbon nos: Correction pointed

(1:37:57 PM) The_Mentalist: Fail pointed .

(1:39:42 PM) Carbon nos: Wait and since God is always inclined to feeble analogies at times, why not text one? Lol he once texted an essay about the nine eleven incident and the twin towers

(1:41:47 PM) Carbon nos: Only God makes punctuation mishaps.. Its bigger than his cranium thats why

(1:42:47 PM) Carbon nos: I'm pumped up . Wait he'll text me a ten thousand character essay with intellect of an average fly and demand he belted me Lol
(1:45:46 PM) Carbon nos: Lol waiting for the longest insipid essay in awhile.. Hopefully he doesn't rub his dented head , feels the pores and then text about sponge bob(G)

(1:45:52 PM) The_Mentalist: If I said hello to you every morning would you complain ? Obviously not . Your lines are as sharp as a beach ball and you'd claim they'd penetrated me like a lightining bolt . Carbon thinks by infection and catches an opinion like a cold as if this were winter, Your intellect isn't beyond your ability to read the big words in your 'big' dictionary dear, I don't really care if you type dozens of paragraphs, it emphasizes your imaturity, and yet you're on heat ? If this were a court you might as well employ a boa constrictor for a tape measure as go to a lawyer for legal advice, your pockets are big enough to resemble your stretched vagina yet a coin would never fit .

(1:47:01 PM) The_Mentalist: If that were long I wonder what you would consider an essay .

(1:47:39 PM) Carbon nos: Aweh i expected more God. Your textual land fill sites are decreasing

(1:48:52 PM) The_Mentalist: Do you always expect more ? Is that why you give birth from both sides ?

(1:50:01 PM) The_Mentalist: She shows all the backbone of a jelly fish .
(1:50:52 PM) The_Mentalist: Get ready to see the 'aftermath' of this lesson .

(1:52:15 PM) The_Mentalist: I'm suddenly going to press ctrl+L and the messages in this room will vanish .

(1:55:39 PM) Carbon nos: God velocity you may surmount to any battler , however when phased with the ideology of being an intellect you displaced as far as intellect antagonises your brain. With the weak metaphors more lucid than sunlight through donkey not to mention your vagina analogy stemming from innate retaliation of having seen bigger clits than your evident thought process. Honestly to think that feeble attempt to insult created any formidable impact is as laughable as the your iq is to integers. All you proved God is that you text haphazardly with concoctions resembled to be protuding from your nether region, however thats appropriate that more intellect would be in your excretory organ than ever from your celebral structure that could make the vacuum of space seem a too filled:-{ your texts are inane with no relevance to any altercation other than enough justification to an asylum that you are a profound retard, rather contemplate virtual suicide God.. It would be your apex of intelligent thought

(1:56:13 PM) The_Mentalist: Reading .

(2:10:23 PM) The_Mentalist: Velocity(speed) use what you lacked, if you had it then it'd surmount(overcome) your ability to think in an accelerated(an increase in rate of change) manner and thus you'd end up going backwards, and that'd match the area and direction of which you think from . Metaphors are far beyond using 'big' words, The idea of me being an intellect provokes the hostility of my brain ?, Is your dictionary modern or as old as the time when people thought the earth was flat, and then you woke up and they congnited that it could be round, this idea came from your obese self . Weak metaphors, No . Metaphors that your brain couldn't comprehend beyond just reading them and calling them 'weak', if they had been that then your reply wouldn't have been so defensive and yet offensive(discourtesy) My vagina analogy(a cognitive process of transferring information from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target), and a linguistic expression corresponding to such a process) ? Do you understand your usage of words ?, Your lines are ageing into a trophy of the embalmer's art girl, they're more over used then your re-usable virginity . perhaps that's why selling you to a slave driver would change his seat from the cold wet soil to a leather chair . The only time you'd see the chair is when it's corner is used to stretch the sides of your vaginal cord which would allow persons older then 12 to enter you . If the sides of your skull had openings a guy's genitals would probably get lost in empty thought . So why do you have a bible which you write down your entire days activities in, yet have nothing to include besides the thought of being on mxit and raped textually which resides between your legs ?

(2:25:54 PM) Carbon nos: God you chose to textually disect my essay but however like a blind medical student with epileptic symptoms since you have completely lost track of meaning distorting it to that of your consorted pleasure so to affiliate the insult you are forwarding to me, the contemplation that you can grasp intellect is as close to mining gold from fresh air. If i hadn't understood your metaphoric usuage God then how did i simplisticaly insult them and not circumvent them the manner in which you to when you do not understand my texts , screaming textually , proclaiming at the first sight of a line you are not intelligible to as dictionary reading. Perhaps you've understood that due to illiteracy you have failed to conjure any intelligence thus at the sight of anything transcending your level of miscreant mental apparatus is expounded to being rhetorical whilst it is simply intelligence God- a term only linked to your being when texted as a word in your essay- even then it would be a disgrace that

(2:25:59 PM) Carbon nos: Not finished

(2:26:28 PM) The_Mentalist: Reading her essay that could have been a one liner saying "You are dumb" .

(2:28:16 PM) The_Mentalist: What is disect ?

(2:29:28 PM) The_Mentalist: I textually dissected her essay (G)

(2:29:36 PM) The_Mentalist: but however (G)

(2:32:07 PM) Carbon nos: You text it seeing how you portray idiocy so perfectly, your analogies are your desperate attempts to overcome your mental defecit and leap to the nearest source of information for an overreactive insult like that pitiful leather seat comeback- honestly God - do you flip through magazines and text accordingly..you are as irrelevant as a prostitute in a nun house. You continue to resort to either the vagina or phallus eh.. Is it that whilst confused between deciphering the two between your legs you wish to invite their appearance here? The etymology was a pathetic attempt for favour God- brackets are needed to extra information - obviously with minimal mental apparatus you simply wish to lenghten your composures how failing you are just adding dump to a landfill site.. Your celebral system that is being more empty than a sewer pipe in a desert8-o

(2:32:20 PM) The_Mentalist: Reading ..

(2:32:35 PM) The_Mentalist: It takes her two essays to counter me . And nothing countered . She's tallking about legs now .

(2:41:27 PM) The_Mentalist: I'm sorry for textually dissecting(Failure) all your failures from your custom dictionary that you put together with ear wax (G) The only way you would kill some one textually is to shuve your home work down your mouth and tell your teacher your dog ate it . Which would be the truth . I was going to call this a handi cap although you'd bark with small comments and so i'd explain it in this being a basketball game and you being the short fat kid (G) I noticed how many times my name was used in that essay of yours, if you erased that and all the empty thoughts of yours it'd end up being small enough to read in a second, and yet you had to type me two essays, yet my 'textual impact' is that of urine on a rock ?(G) Unless you're implying the urine is acid and your 'stoned' I don't understand your 'high caliber' (G)

(2:44:23 PM) The_Mentalist: I remember belting you the previous time, I added the file onto my website and it got over 0 views(G) When I added christy getting belted to the title every one knew what to expect and therefore knew what was going to happen, your trying to balance an egg with both hands while typing here, the impact you'd create if you were typing and the difference between typing and not typing is null . I dont use intellectual words because I dont want to confuse my opponent (G) You are obviously trying to act smart, you're 12, and yet you talk about male genitals, that's evidently the route of a whore .

(2:44:26 PM) The_Mentalist: Still typing .

(2:49:31 PM) Carbon nos: God you apologise? Rather pitiful number one. You try to perpetually 'belt' me now with minimized essays only marking you are as impotent as a second hand castration. Secondly what does basketball, obesity , and other aspects which are not infact viable metaphors play a role in consorting a realistic essay, or are you being abstract due to your cranium being also not of literal structure that you prone to there inane thoughts like an adolescent with an overreactive imagination 8-o you. Then if it surmounts to ear wax, why not avail to texting a one liner instead of your nonsensicality in length. I only continuously state your name so that your fickle mind does not divert the matter at hand and accede to another analogy from watching television whilst sitting with a notepad, hoping that all you blatantly muster will be relevant to any prospective insult here, yet astigma seems to commute your eyes as you still haven't partaken in the fact that all you attempts to gain supremacy, Lol God you know seem to have reached your apex of thought and turn to apocryphal texts with less sense you may find in an asylum. You text that you don't want to confuse your opponents by being rhetorical, yet your lucidity is already transparent and i have yet to sight an adversary that has complained to you being unexplicable in texting as you obviously lack every skill to be complex and thus are now concocting demented excuses , more retarded then the epithelium in your porous brain, to seek favour as being a 'remorseful intellect', yet with transparency that amplifier you really mentally disabled so left to text whatever he transcends to, really now i'm twelve years old? You honestly been adversing minors for too long God that the fact an adult is conversing in an altercation is too 'intimidating', and the route i'm following, how can you decipher that, or whilst contrasting the female steps in your negligible lifestyle percept it may be a good comparison to use brothels, God now over a formidable period of time, half i percept to release your brain from its freeze of incomprehensive spasming thus the areas of textual redundancy in your essays like potholes on a dirt road, yes your oblong head with its dented intervals would apply, however the fact that your pique is beginnin to exhibit in the twelve year old reference is evident of the petty standards you'd condescend God in any altercation to gain favour and more essentially so that you can escalate your thoughts to an essays like a ruler being used to measure the great wall of china, in the same way your reprisals being minimized, you'll resort God to any texts to put in your essays, ommitting the stupendous fact that quality in battles need to overcome quantity:-{ and your quality is that of stale bread washed down a toilet facility, your substance cerebrally is that of an electron cloud in a soccer stadium, being that delusive God,you are what can be termed the side effects of schizophrenia,God the surplus of idiocy that revolves in your mutated thought apparatus would explain your need for silly pre-school crafted insults that have more vibrance then watching evapouration take place in daylight,you have the personality of a wallpaper cover and the stupidity you incline to deviates from any of my pointers made in reference to you,your shadow i would percept gains more attention or stand the better adversary in its silence to me than you could even if phased with the pile of rocks in a diatribe, you would still be titled inferior,as it would be no exaggeration to expect an echo carrying more intellect of a hard surface than directly from your disconnected source of fallacity, you stoop to only the vice of linkage to my vagina which would only prove you are infact more aroused being insulted here than you could in reality, your attention would be excited by the sight of a falling lead God thus your insults pose as moronic farts being exerted in a war(i)

(3:35:43 PM) The_Mentalist: I apologized for handing you your resignation and allowing you to hit the sack . You deviate from the subject to conceal the flagrant over usage of sexual phrases which if you'd embraced infront of your parent's their ancestral ball sacks would start to peel like those pages from your oxford . I sit with my notebook throughout the day, the difference between mine and yours is the fact that your's requires a pen, and cannot do any thing further then what you write on it, mine has a cpu, I guess if it'd been a replacement to your brain under the severe circumstances it would over heat, they only fry at around 89c . Your blatant failed attempts at being lavish turns out to to be as soft as the tissue acting as a cranium which encloses your skull, perhaps if your mother had not been disappointed due to their expectations of you being a girl, she'd not have dropped you on your forehead which would result in a long term fracture of your learning capabilties, resorting to ear wax which barely deviates from from a sticky substance which is logical if you had come to realize it and not hide under a snails matrix . Intellect is the faculty of knowing and reasoning, you know only of what you read and yet to you time happens all at once, you couldn't perceive the belting you acquired as a gift of having a brawl with me . if you had been intellectual in battling you wouldn't have needed to defend yourself and exert or put effort into justifiying why you require a dictionary to be capable of communication . Your suffering from malnutrition having an imbalanced diet, feeding on only a dictionary on not logic .:z That's lack of adequate nourishment and makes you as useful as a virgin, the first time is great, yet the condition of which you're left in the aftermath is what we brush out because you've become inferior in quality . You've probably gone through Menopause which is the permanent cessation of reproductive fertility occurring some time before the end of a normal humans life span, you are young, perhaps your body is 15, although your mind had only started engaging in mental activities when it woke up and the brain cells started disappearing and decreasing in side rapidly as they were colloquially raped of energy .Over this extremely impressive in excellent period of time your full perception is that of fiction, no human could survive with the perception of the non-living . The spasming in my brain is voluntary contracting, the spasming in your genitals is involuntary when words relevant to rape are brought upon, time's edifying when you don't perceive it as a long period in which you glance into the a considerable degree of space rather then being present, allow your awareness of to be introduced with logic disregarding it's absence in familiar territory, scooping up new thoughts deriving off of donkey and using words that you fail to perceive yourself twisting them all together with hopes of me lacking understanding and not having cognited when your word usage became perennial thinking in a circle in repetition that I'd not learn belantedly and recall . Always do the things you fear the most, as courage is an acquired taste, like caviar, you pursued, failed, The minutes sneaked by on tiptoe, with their fingers to their lips, retracting yours from your rectum would be an improvement you'd have gained something, adipophilia .

====The below doesn't counter====

(3:41:33 PM) Carbon nos: God again your time constraint amuses me, at that pace you might as well inspire a savannah advert and prosper than actually compact any respect for your intellect here, as you've not only shown me today you fall behind mentally but also physically, and its not far fetched to contemplate that you are a complete waste of textual space, Mxit 's purpose for you is to get rid of moola rapidly with your usually redundant need to expound what could be texted in the time frame of five minutes to that of an hour, really no matter now the length of your dispicable essay know in its mammoth light , it would simply be a tsunami of idiocy being expelled monotonously by your being in hopes of drenching us until we cessate to leave being completed indulged and nauseated by multiple manifolds of perpetual amounts of growing stupidity that the aftermath of it would be as lethal as you are an iq test (i) time is of the essence, length is worth less than sense if not constructed properly And you have as much textual balance here as an one-legged man on crutches, you are seriously mentally bounded , its torture for you to text coherently here to sense, you are more likely to have the use of bubblegum under a table than marking your niche here God(i)

(3:44:35 PM) The_Mentalist: Well done ### (G), Now I erased that because it was completely irrelevant . Start typing . Wink

(4:23:38 PM) Carbon nos: God you apologise for giving me my resignation?- yet how am i able to pursue texting if you had cessated my part in this diatribe, its obvious yet once again retard, that you will surmount to the fallacities and any nonsensicality in this collision to lengthen your essays and thus prove that by being megalomanic in texts you will accede to being clandestine in the diaphanous veracity at hand that you are mentally inferior, then if you claim i be the 'idiot' then why do you condescend to inane texts with irrelevant analogies here like 'hit the sack', when its clear as daylight that it was not i who was dormant for an ample amount of time8-o then i find it quite hypocrite based that you descend to state that i resort to sexual texting whereas by the aforementioned insults compiled by you, vagina was resurrected so frequently in your texts, one would percept your linkage with it was perceptable of your inbred stature yet you surmount to another insane view of 'ball sack' peeling

===After her not wanting to counter, finally she did===

(4:30:28 PM) Carbon nos: When judging to the mountainous amounts of idiocy thats surges from an individual of our human genus, you arised from a weak genetic cesspool God of genetic mental deformities that affiliated and resulted in the structure withing your concaved skull. Then its tedious that repetitively you consort to inclining intelligence to the dictionary- i see it as innate retaliation of not breaching a level of intellect that i'm positioned that you have to redundantly link it to reading - when its only normal for one of profound intellect to have her own [wtf is that ? >>euridition and unable to align yourself with me with the best of your attempt, desperately you seek for evidence of educational sources that have aided me as you are unable to accept the fact that individuals are mentally superior to you God. Thus you will perpetually blame my supremacy in intelligence to that of a book. Why not take the method you advise me to follow and implement it to yourself as if you endeavoured to avid reading instead of

(4:37:32 PM) Carbon nos: Essays immensly secluded to your lame accusations, someone other than an attention deficit primate would be interested in your concoctions8-o trust it in your case that being rhetorical in words would be more honourable then trying to utilise your minimal mental apparatus to work coherently against the gradient of stupidity, enclosing your nuerons , thats why whatever your succeed to text here God will contain ample amounts of stupidity that is congenital to you. And i'm being surely factual unlike the sexual innuendo you have to admit to , to create an impact, . It hurts me in no obvious way but just simplifies the fact that you are number one- Pathetically raised or number two- mentally perverted- my insults obviously a source of sexual apprehension in you that whilst i text with relevance to your idiocy you invert it to that of a vaginal process that being menstrual or even menopause. I'm beginning to contemplate that with so much familiarity with the female genital you infact [in fact]

(4:45:27 PM) Carbon nos: Possess your very own vaginal opening God(G) and since you so inclined to bringing it up in diatribes, proudly it must succeed the size of your brain otherwise you wouldn't have to descend to that which you failed to know and for once utilise your thought process which since you so discretely use, doesn't displace further than your longest pubic hair otherwise you would text factuality and counter directly not dodge my counters and leap to your analogies and phraseologies of my being with the justification of a mustard seed- it is just effeciently a method to create feeble humour God laughable only to other idiots at your deemed level(G) you fail to realise the art of battling, even if it slapped you right in the face. You will continue to sum up delusions of your mind and paint it over our screens, hoping to pull of a masterpiece but creating a textual catastrophe God. You would adverse only if we to text out a virtual mirage of fabrications. You are as believable a battler as

(4:46:48 PM) Carbon nos: A prostitute holding a sign 'i'm a virgin-buy me' in a brothel8-o you an envisagement of idiocy with acceleration.8-o

(4:58:04 PM) The_Mentalist: I conveyed your resignation, Your inability to encumber from continuing differentiates your avarage magnitude of technique in brawling. 'cessated' is null and void. You're an instrument which I mastered to a high level of competency, You're predictable like a forecast of the weather during the climate of it raining, nothing besides what we have actual knowledge of is obvious, Your brain is 'highly' under-developed, it's the rapid oscillation of your organs that causes friction letting out epinephrine granting you the handicap of working over time, niggardly threatening me when the ladle's in your mouth, I've spoon fed you a bible, which monopolized in turn made you resort to looking like a gastropode, 0 moral. "fallacies" not "fallacities" (Another Fail) of over working. The nonesense derives from having to counter prostrate lines from a boy that cannot attend school. I named you an idiot, for the reason of your subnormal intelligence, you are mentally deficiant. stating the counter was irrelevant "hit the sack" a metaphor, christianna is not only dull himself, she is the cause of dullness in others. I wouldn't attend your funderal after this, I'd send a nice letter stating I approve it. It's been obvious that some words I don't understand of those you use, because they do not exist. You haven't been labeled a person with an intelligence quotient. That renders you liable to retreat towards a nut house. There exist plenty free of those, it would cost you more then you can afford. The lonesome weapon you have is your face, nothing more.

(5:06:36 PM) The_Mentalist: Key words are worth no more then a farthing. Your judgement is visually impaired, while having semen contradict your ability to using the optic nerves within your skull to see that had happened in your life, Studying gastronomy is an improvement from your lonesome life of being deprived of family and friends. You exaggerated your intelligence by typing four essays to respond towards one. You couldn't displayed intelligence by countering it all in a single essay. Although your vocabulary lacks words to counteract, Putting you in a school, you'd feel dominant over the teachers, you'd not receive any education and your skull is as thick as soaked pads between you legs. Coming down to earth at the latitute your mind is at would delay your already sombre vision. I the person that taught you to read. I won't blame the dictionary that you have beside you, it helps people understand and reach greater heights then the pitpalls they co-exist as.

I left at 5:30PM, she didn't counter.

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