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Prizes, reputation, VIP

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Prizes, reputation, VIP

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:02 am

I have decided on rewarding active members. This should get more active members in the first place, So here's how it works.

For every five reputation points you have gotten, You will get a R5 Airtime voucher.

Once a day the person that has posted the most new (non spam) posts will be given a R5 Airtime Voucher.

Basically if you are the most active every day of the month you'd have gotten R100 Airtime.

This will apply when there are at least five members active.
[Active: a person who is a participating member of an ..]

I will add a VIP group, There will also be a VIP section, which will contain Mxit hacks, and some other nice things Wink, You will be added to the VIP group if you meet the following requirements.

(1). You must have at least 15 (valid) Rep.
(2). You must be an active member.
(3). You must have posted at least 300 Posts/topics.
(4). You agree to not share any materials from the VIP section to any non- VIP person.


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