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Bradley 1-6 freestyle essays

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Bradley 1-6 freestyle essays

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:10 pm

I asked for blood, he gave me essays.Sleep
These were donated by: {kingdom}{of}{punishment}

clearly youre just a lil mumbeling idiot taken by benumbed hands on a fabricated god and fashioned in the form of a mindless ape that lets idiotic corruption and limitless stupidity, steadily trickle from your deformed fingertips onto my phonescreen..Like a failure of a test tube dog, exaggerated by its initial purpose and disfigured by the acid its been feeding off in its premature stage, youre blindfolded in a regurgitated fashion.. Living on in a so-called "meaningful lifestyle", yet the only thing you'd ever be good for is to be top model for SA's gayest men..Galloping toward your immoral intent, with the set bounties to amuse the township washouts for 5cents a full hour,cheap crackwhre.. Enjoy living like a puppet, cause youre a waste of mxit space anyway..Twat


Your prehestic mentation methods suggest that intellectual transition is yet to occure in your spacious head,thus the corroborating to the fact that your intellect is smaller and void,i have observed your textual incisions and concluded that even with your multiplex of mental impediment you still struggle to attain the basic concept of intellect,thus rendering you stupidified beyond belief

the pure abatment of your intellect truely brings out the abhor toward your blatant and open show of it.Abdication of your cranium would explain the needed psychoanalysis which i now am giving you.It isnt going to help you assent and thus rise out of the abyss of
your tragedy yet i could contemplate the notion that there might be a chance to make a real person out of you...But you would be too abashed to admit that you could comply and admit i was right yet complacency has set in and a vivid truth has taken over making you fluctuate over the valleys of your own stupidity.You have a bacterium intellect which is shown through the way you implement you texts,im implacable when coming to you it might be the circumstances of the optical review that i gave you,is it an illusion?I think not.Flabbergasted would be the obvious description for what i am seeing and going through anaphalactic shock wouldnt explain why you tend to have convulsions in the way you reply...
Your weak cantankerous feeble essays are extremely boring,you should much rather capitulate now so that i dont hurt your little mind and weaken it further.It's obvious that you still dwell in this demension that make's you think that you could beat me,well in that pathetic scenario you should cease that state of mind and start believing the truth,i am the centrifugal being around here and you are now nothing but a love sick child that dwell's in his frivolous mind that has been weakend by the pure evanessans of power you may once again use you plattitudal novels to express how truelly stupid you are...
==Special afrikaans essay==
Ek sal maar vir jou help deur intellek vir jou soos ñ aalmoes te oorhandig, ideaal gesproke behoort die implekasie nie ñ toepas misverstand te veroorsaak nie en ñ voordeling in die toekoms deur mede gebruikers van die applikasie nie. Die apeture van jou kop wys dat daar geen vaste form is wat dit kan stop nie.. Jou kwale van die brein het diselfde simptome as appendisitis ek sou mediese hulp voorskryf of medikasie ten minste. Jy is n ware idealis met betrekking tot wat jy so graag wil bereik met jou valse intellek.. Die kabelling van jou duidelike penarie is ook baie maklik sienbaar jy het amper n tipe epileptiese aanval wat jy kry.. Die manier wat jy jou intellek saamflans op n snaakse en sistematiese menier is werklik ver onder verwagtings van selfs die mees gewone mens. Om taalkundig te wees is werklik nie jou sterkpunt nie.. So ek hoop dat die inname vinnig sal wees van wat ek geopenbaar het..
your profound medical incapabilities symbolizes the decline of human existence with your HIV status causing you to revolt against conventionality though i believe thats hereditary for you to have allergies concerning intellectual growth due to the denomination of your township heritage...The inappropriate expulsion of limitless stupidity exerted by your flacid skull that just so happend to be connected to your deformed carpals recapitulates my statements,making you just another wasted mortal that indulges in incostitutional masturbation while writing homework-derived texts which amount to disruption of mental productivity so stay positive when contemplating social suicide thanks to the fact that youre about to decompose from aids sooner than your corrupted mind is able to comprehend this essay.
Donated by: {kingdom}{of}{punishment}

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