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Beer vs abysmal missy rkd

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Beer vs abysmal missy rkd

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:20 pm

[There is a lot of profanity here, be warned]
(7:18:07 PM) fusionzone: Beer(*): Oh my word missy,you don't get tired of molestation lines do you? Yet you fabricate the true sexually frustated individual in this circumstance,your predictable molestation lines combined together reveals how many times your asshole,had swallowed a penis in attempt to tickle your g spot which was your rectum in that case,molestation that remunerated your anal passages with sores and wounds in return,it wouldn't be a suprise that you on a long leave from visiting a toilet because you got a good reason for your abstainance for you will injure your asshole' pipe if you attempt to disregard such imperative leave

Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: Lmfao! Beer you dyslexic kid stop texting my way if u know what is good for you, lol! Do u suffer from downs syndrome? Is that y you took so long to reply? Your text dont make sense and futile you words dont even fit your sentences you pudgy bastard' i feel like being profane with you because you are so pathetic8| are u intellectually challenged or was your deformed brain originated from ur vile rectum? Rather text me something worth your while... Your nothing but a nonentity in my presence child...

(7:25:15 PM) fusionzone: Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: 8|beer is a pathetic infected brothle house boy!

(7:27:37 PM) fusionzone: Beer(*): b

(7:30:52 PM) fusionzone: Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: Beer, when you text to me text to me with intellect dont try to modify your pretexts... Dont use bombastic words that you dont understand yourself... You cant even comprehend what i text and you cant even construct a proper sentence yet you want me to counter to a worthless anorexic man like yourself! You sexually frustrated kid... Your belligerent but u cant back it up you bark with no bite... Rather abscond nw before i castrate wateva ballz u have left...:~

(7:31:06 PM) fusionzone: Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: Where is that slow cunt?

(7:32:06 PM) fusionzone: Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: :zwhere is this retarded kid?

(7:32:14 PM) fusionzone: Beer(*): I see you never experience tiresome on parental insults,i shall tell you the same thing nas told jay z seeing your harps are primarily based on parents,where you abused as a child they called you ugly?? Adding up to that question are you under indeliable parental discomfort in that in your case your mother foreseen the difficulty of raising you after several attempts on fatal abortion that resulted to a dumping off an infant to an orphanage camp,or you missed your womb so much that you still wanna visit it? Well if thats the case go and step in your mothers vagina elevator that would ascend you up to her womb,if the ground floor which is your birth is unsatisfactory to you,and answering your above text let me plainly put it this way,your failure to correspond with my recent text that was directed towards you showed a clear visibility of your incompetence raising a greater big alarm for my futhertherance with you in this altercation would quite be futile and nugatory

(7:35:33 PM) fusionzone: Beer(*): Seeing that your inability to comprehend the matters at hand would cunningly lay its blame upon that lies that my text is futile whereas the brain you ought to possess in order to reach up to comprehandibility is avoiding its duty to do so

(7:37:37 PM) fusionzone: The|Devil'Z|Angel:-): Who is beer? .. Neutral

(7:37:42 PM) fusionzone: Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: Beer... Dont make assumptions towards me8| you bicker like you autistic you just repeat yourself and make up shit... Beer let me assume that your a bulimic gay man that was raised in a brothle...8| do i match u up? You abcess bust puss' moron. Your cantarkerous, and its rather pathetic u cant keep up with me and your rather slow...Im adamant towards you yet u try to act smart... Making allegations towards me ameliorate your vocabulary kid.

(7:37:46 PM) fusionzone: The|Angel'Z|Devil:-): God knows ..

(7:39:11 PM) fusionzone: Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: Beer ur da man.8|

(7:39:31 PM) fusionzone: Beer(*): Everyone saw the winner

(7:39:39 PM) fusionzone: The|Angel'Z|Devil:-): Nobody's countering .. 8o

(7:40:10 PM) fusionzone: Abysmal;-)Missy>RDK<: beer drink arsenic.8|

(7:41:53 PM) fusionzone: Beer(*): Its useless to counter to an incompetent opponet,no matter how many times you belt him or her,pain is no longer alive within him or her as you already scooped out the life in him or her

Beer won, as voted .

A special extra ...

(7:41:20 PM) fusionzone: The|Devil'Z|Angel:-) gives The|Angel'Z|Devil:-) a slow.. long.. deep.. penetrating.. tonsil-Tickling.. Hair straightening.. Toe-Curling.. Nerve-Jangling.. Life-altering.. Fantasy-Causing.. I Just saw Apyrael! Yes, I'm glad you came onto MXit.. Kiss on Da Lips!!! *phew*

(7:41:39 PM) fusionzone: The|Devil'Z|Angel:-): Counter that .. (G)

(7:42:04 PM) fusionzone: The|Angel'Z|Devil:-): Countering .. (G)

(7:42:20 PM) fusionzone: The|Angel'Z|Devil:-) gives The|Devil'Z|Angel:-) a slow.. long.. deep.. penetrating.. tonsil-Tickling.. Hair straightening.. Toe-Curling.. Nerve-Jangling.. Life-altering.. Fantasy-Causing.. I Just saw Apyrael! Yes, I'm glad you came onto MXit.. Kiss on Da Lips!!! *phew*

(7:42:50 PM) fusionzone: The|Devil'Z|Angel:-): :~ shew! I cant counter that.. You're too good :$

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