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Methods of Battling [The different styles]

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Methods of Battling [The different styles]

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:23 pm

As you may know by now, there's more to battling than just typing, there are different styles, different means to winning each battle.

So let's begin..

Essay: This is the first battling style, although the first kind of battling may be known as "old school essay" now, it's still in use by a few. New school being intellectual essay.

Old school: Old school consists of humour, sarcasm and such which leaves your opponent laughing at their humilation, as well as the users in the room. How do I know if I'm an old schooler ?, you wouldn't be asking this question.

New school: new school consists of Intellectual essays, This usually starts out with getting a dictionary and abusing it, to some this is what happens, of course there are others which are naturally talented and don't require a dictionary to drop some intellectual puns and metaphors that leave your opponent hanging.

Rap: Rhythm & Poetry, we all know what rap is, to simplify what we're doing, it's just the verbal bs turned into textual bs.

There are several methods of rap, gothic, satanic, oh and gothic . Intellectual ? and the normal, plain and simple most commonly used - rap.

That's about it, oh and then there's Roleplay, I can't say much about it, simply living a fantasy and typing out how you're 'Killing' your opponents, or what ever your mind can come up with.

That should cement your understanding of the different methods in which users battle.

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