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Introduction to becoming a battler

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Introduction to becoming a battler

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:31 pm

This is a simple How to guide, into the world of battling and how to become one.

Battling isn't anything new, it's been going on for years, although it isn't as popular as it once were, we're determined to make it strive and introduce new users to the battling world. You can find more detail into the history of battling in my next thread.

The following are the steps that need to be taken in order to be labeled a 'battler'.

Now it is important to know the different kinds of battling so have a look at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] before continuing.

1). Decide which road you'll take, (in other words) will you Essay (old school/newschool) or rap ?, I recommend you start with essay if you've never rapped in your life, but who knows, you might just become the best we've seen.
2). Teach yourself, once you've read the different battling styles thread, you'll know what makes you an 'essayist' or 'rapper', therefor you could either get a dictionary and start learning some big words, use your creativity, take it for a drive and see if your 'humor' is any good, or see if you can #### the nursery rhymes you know so well and label yourself a rapper.
3). Of course you could just get someone to train you. If you would like some sessions with a trainer send me a PM, I'll hook you up with someone via mxit or the chatbox, this is definitely one way to go and 100% successful. (But why not just study the dictionary ?)

After you've the basics, sure you could call yourself a
'battler', but to be serious, you really want to be known by many as an actual 'battler', which takes some skill. After you've mastered the basics get yourself into a battle, you might lose, maybe not, then battle again, again, and again. The best way to learn from here is to battle often whether you lose or not. And this would be the time for you to post those battles and your progress for others to see and follow.

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