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How do I join a clan ?

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How do I join a clan ?

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:37 pm

If you're looking to join a clan, have a look at the "crew leaders' group" and send a PM to one of them, they'll probably ask you to drop a freestyle, or not in order to join.

Not looking to join, though create a crew ?, go ahead, although I warn if you haven't much of a reputation among the battlers you'll be leading a one man clan. Co-leading is also an option, get yourself a few buddies and perhaps one day it'll be a success.

Currently these are the crews you would find most satisfactory to join.

Cky - Leader: Justin
Ddr - Leader: Angelo
Supreme - Leader: No leader

[N] - Leader - Rhie
[L] - Leader - Jonathan
Dfl - Leader - Grim

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