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A random DM Battle

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A random DM Battle

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:24 pm

[There is a lot of profanity here, be warned]
This battle was in DM

(9:48:20 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Dw welcome bck ready to be belted again

(9:48:33 AM) 0738373463: Belted again (G) .

(9:48:44 AM) 0738373463: Go ahead and belt me (G) .

(9:50:12 AM) 0738373463: I did not run (G) . I left, and i'm back . The reason I left is due to light not being vital enough for me to attempt to make him drink his anal' piss' .
(9:50:39 AM) darkmntn: mS.sCoRp!3:-}hCdR: Y do i get a fake smile logie :{ wtf did i do?

(9:51:10 AM) 0738373463: ### you smile, Never a compliment .

(9:51:22 AM) 0738373463: Where is light ?

(9:51:24 AM) darkmntn: L'NICE: Oma light was typing a novel so he finisted it when u werr gone

(9:51:36 AM) 0738373463: I thought he is going to belt me again (G) .

(9:51:48 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Dw When i start and hit,you would desperately need a bucket on your hips to ### through. .your assumptions will get your riddling into nothingness except a meaningless nature and your curcumcismed blob wich hits on crap everytime it tries to orietate but fails and come back fire making your mental state inconsequential lmfao and bottomless. .your text are null and void making intelligence in the state of vain you moronic deformed dellusional mallow headed donkey humping transversite. Your pathetical fallacy mindset is an abhor fundimental resemble your face to be as rough as a deformed rock:-(causing too much hypocritical actions:'(and lack genetic brain cells making your head swell up and climax with excrescence;-)your intellect needs to be amplituded with some logical sense you abornal sentiment.whilst your compulsive idiosyncrasy stil act with chromo psychoneurotic circumstances making your presence a misery Dw u dont stand a chance popey boytjie i wil textually belt you bra

(9:51:53 AM) darkmntn: L'NICE: Im sory pls gv me i was slapng da light

(9:52:18 AM) 0738373463: Rotfl, Look at that, More crap then what an elephant shits out .

(9:52:59 AM) 0738373463: Lets look at all his errors, repeative words, attempts to insult, ah yes . and alphabet use of the dictionary 8o ..

(9:53:42 AM) 0738373463: I realy dont want to type now 8o, Anyway .

(9:53:46 AM) 0738373463: Reading ..

(9:54:39 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Dw While you are typing i just hope you make it fast like very fast please cause i dont have the whole day for your crap. . .you wana be treated like trash oooh i forgot you are a piece of a reject . . . . .exse this guy doesnt know who he is messing with . .not only am i going to expose you for having a brain disorder but also for being useless like a used condom lmfao you cake.make it quick i am waiting or are you trying to tel me A snail is faster than you:-(please dont say that i will be very diSappointed. . . .waiting wait wait i am going to take a shower then a nap may b you wil be done ryt?make quick anc i must go maak gou man waiting ssk come nw dnt be a old lady man nw show me u type some better than the elephant sh?t(G)

(9:54:49 AM) darkmntn: L'NICE slaps the-light

(9:56:24 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Type kid

(9:56:44 AM) darkmntn: L'NICE grabs the-light's underwear. Pulls it over the-light's head... Now you look much better. The brown stain accentuates the shoes.

(9:56:49 AM) 0738373463: Typing ..:z

(9:59:17 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Knock knock dw,superhuman is here already please dont tel me you are stil busy reading that essay i texted to you days ago:-oyou are really slow hey friend:'(now i am sad:-(bro the poeple in the room are wating exse they wana see how you get belted lmfao. .ok ok let me not make fun of this guy ;-)let me rather type using my elbow so i can be slow just like you lmfao . . . .i hope i am being fair on you thou :-(if theres a problem just shout bro i wil stop this and let you exit with no psychological damage lol i am a very good guy but when twats like you wana take chances then i bliksem them very hard. . . So what is it going to be you stil fight or give up huh waiting for your reply :{
(9:59:31 AM) darkmntn: panda(f)wanda<thc>: Is light still writing essays?

(9:59:49 AM) darkmntn: PsEuDo:-eMoRaLs^HcDr: Er Yes

(9:59:59 AM) darkmntn: `SolitudeInTears`: Dis dude used da same essay on ian yesterday:|

(10:01:33 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Excuse me tears keep the sideline comments to yourself cant you see i am actualy busy degrading this guy . . .cheer as much as you want. . I dont care as long as i am getting my job done here and that job is to humiliate this guy but if you want me to textually rape you as well then i am more that happy to stop typing his way and type your way and see what you got . .so you keep up with those then i wil let it rain on you anytime. . .then both of you can have a bad sunday because of me got it. .;-)

(10:02:32 AM) darkmntn: `SolitudeInTears`: Rofl and u txts dat to nate when he said u copied.. .(G)(*)oh my jesus u a doos.. .8o(*)

(10:03:00 AM) darkmntn: the-light: :Owhen

(10:03:25 AM) darkmntn: `SolitudeInTears`: In smithy dude i was there.. .:O(*)

(10:04:17 AM) darkmntn: the-light: You must be sick kid :Owait let me type u an essay gou

(10:04:49 AM) darkmntn: `SolitudeInTears`: Haha 4wot u wana type me an essay i dnt thumb war.. .8o(*)

(10:05:15 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Then shut up:O

(10:05:34 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Anyway g2g nw dw is to slow

(10:05:35 AM) darkmntn: panda(f)wanda<thc>: Light, get over it already dude, no one wants your lame overused essays...
(10:05:49 AM) 0738373463: Light you are swimming in a pool of imbecility, in your attempt to state i claimed, and then failed to continue on that path, you are an illiterate person, unable to comprehend simple fact, of you not being vital, and just a lonely nick name in the corner of a virtual chatroom, You attempted to seek my attention with your onliners, honestly thats what they are on my screen, with little though it is evidently displayed that you used a dictionary to compile that piece of shit you call an essay, "curcumcismed", "compulsive", "circumstances", "chromo", should i continue along this path pointling out your repeative use of the 'c' chapter in the dictionary, See your attempt to be offensive is limited by your vocabulary which is obviously not so big, and the mere fact that you need a dictionary to insult and fail to comprehend what those words mean is plainly pathetic as is your low level of inconspicuous intelligence, and hence when i type i simply state Evident factual texts, from what i read, something you fail to do, causing a debate which will in the end cause you to run, and then the amount of poor profanity you use in an offensive manner, which is pointless, inculding all the errors, at the slow pace of your wishfull "rappid" speed which you type comes the errors sentence by sentence, and your repeative use of your previous paragraphs deliberatly wanting to emphasize the fact your vocab is as low as your iq level where its maximum is located below sea level, Now see if you ever want to get raped via mxit, gang banged in other form of words you simply enter this room as now and start spewing random texts my direction which are pointless, they have no purpose, And then in the end you will create some random excuse to justify your stupidity which aroused when you attempted to gain recognition by 'belting' an elite battler .The reason I battle is for the fun to exchange texts, and ofcourse you yourself will get belted with a simple counter no longer then a page of the bible, i should be using thumb condoms to prevent the idiocy which is infectious from retarded half breed humans, Dont further seek my attenton kid .

(10:05:54 AM) darkmntn: BLAZING;-)WRECKAGE: The light. Refrain from excreeting anymore of your arthropod excreetions on my lcd plz.

(10:06:00 AM) darkmntn: `SolitudeInTears`: Im not talk when u go upgraded u lucky fish u mos hear my voice n ol.. .:O(*)lol

(10:06:05 AM) darkmntn: panda(f)wanda<thc>: Dont go light.... ###. Off
(10:06:30 AM) 0738373463: Attention* .

(10:06:33 AM) darkmntn: `SolitudeInTears`: Got*

(10:06:33 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Whos light:O

(10:07:08 AM) darkmntn: You have been ratted on. A complaint has been sent to the chat room moderators against you.

(10:07:29 AM) darkmntn: the-light: But whos light and by the way read up

(10:07:33 AM) 0738373463: I was .ratted

(10:07:46 AM) 0738373463: What a coward eh .

(10:08:24 AM) 0738373463: I have to put the braai in the boot, Be right back eh .

(10:09:35 AM) darkmntn: the-light: Dw An old lady from danville with no teeth has got more bite than you,all you type is crap but then i guess that's a prerequisite for being the failed experiment mammoth cells fused with a dung bettle you are a dellusional moron with no fundamental abilities except for a fetish with crap and a mammoth sized intellectual deficiency that leads you on a constant endevour,your ignorance resembles around your despodent aptitude lets face it you were created from a sperm that was extracted from wich was obtained during an interracial intercourse between a pig and a donkey lol it realy did hurt you when you discovered wich ### house of garbage bin they fished you out from and when you were rejected by the very person whos blood you share,because even they could not understand the sense to keep such a distanted inbred moronic retard lmfao its clear your are blined by the audicity of primite idiocy circulating in your skull the form being like a monographic dellusionist and whos light:{

(10:10:40 AM) darkmntn: panda(f)wanda<thc>: Wow all the bad grammer and spelling mistakes, hurts my eyes...

(10:11:43 AM) darkmntn: the-light has left the room

(10:12:44 AM) 0738373463: Back .

(10:13:38 AM) 0738373463: He typed me yet another pointless essay .

(10:13:59 AM) 0738373463: Which failed to counter eh .

(10:14:58 AM) darkmntn: panda(f)wanda<thc>: Its obv all premeditated seeing as many people have seen him use them all before. Hence the retard has left

(10:15:19 AM) 0738373463: I did not see him leave eh .

(10:16:06 AM) darkmntn: darklight8-) has entered the room

(10:16:24 AM) darkmntn: darklight8-): leaps into the air and upon landing is suddenly invisible, although still slightly visible whilst moving

(10:16:39 AM) darkmntn: darklight8-): Hala8-)

(10:17:16 AM) darkmntn: panda(f)wanda<thc>: Wtf :?

(10:19:27 AM) darkmntn: darklight8-): Pis vat man!8o

(10:21:29 AM) darkmntn: darklight8-): High society ppl in thz rum i c,evry 1 is rollng eyez8o

(10:25:26 AM) 0738373463: Back .

(10:26:17 AM) darkmntn: darklight8-) has left the room

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